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The world is not running out of water.

A shortage of inexpensive clean water has become a problem in some areas because population growth has caused the demand for fresh water to increase to the point where lifestyle changes and government intervention are needed to prevent crisis.

Drought is a regional problem, and one that can be solved through technology and civil engineering.

The earth will never experience a real water shortage because over 70% of the earth's surface is covered by the oceans of the world—the average ocean depth exceeds two miles. The volume of water in the oceans is large enough to cover the world's continents with seawater to a depth of five miles (of course the oceans would then be nearly empty, and gravity would not allow such a thing, but the image does prove the point).

With modern desalination technology, solar energy, man-made aqueducts and giant solar pumps, human civilization will never run out of water.

Seawater Desalinization
Solutions to Membrane Fouling

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