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Nuclear Fusion

Nuclear Fusion promises to create an inexhaustible source of safe nuclear energy. "Fusion power produces no troublesome emissions, is safe, and has few, if any, proliferation concerns. It creates no long-lived waste and runs on fuel readily available to all nations." - Bringing a Star to Earth

Nuclear Fusion research has produced significant progress toward the goal of safe, clean and abundant energy, but engineers and scientists still face many technical problems that must be solved before we will see a working Nuclear Fusion power plant.

Continued research in Plasma Physics and Controlled Fusion will lead to the development of technology capable of producing all of the energy needed for a modern world. Economic prosperity and energy are interrelated. Global availability of energy from Nuclear Fusion will enable sustained worldwide economic prosperity for millions of years.

By the time our young children reach middle age, fusion may begin to deliver energy independence … and energy abundance … to all nations rich and poor. Fusion is a promise for the future we must not ignore. —Former Secretary of Energy Spencer Abraham

Fusion Research:
Fusion Links:
Fusion Safety Program
Alternate fusion concepts (
General Atomics Fusion Education
The Argonne Fusion Power Program
U.S. Fusion Energy Science Program
MIT Plasma Science & Fusion Center
Report: Bubble Fusion Results Replicated
—See: Star in a jar and Impulse Devices, Inc.
Fusion Energy Research at UC San Diego
The Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory
University of California Irvine Fusion Energy Research
The Interactive Plasma Physics Education Experience (IPPEX)
Oak Ridge National Laboratory's Fusion Energy Facts Web site
Los Alamos National Laboratory's Fusion Energy Sciences Web site
ITER consortium hopes to demonstrate fusion reactor in France by 2040
A Spark of Hope for Fusion —A new device clears an obstacle to a type of fusion power plant.

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