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Freedom — A modern day allegory

Hello, my name is Sam. I am a recovering oil addict. I have struggled with my addiction for over thirty years; the money, the power, the fights; I could not live without it… until I saw my nephews and nieces following my example. They too had become oil addicts—another generation addicted to oil—because of me.

Now I am free, and I want you to be free too.

Freedom from oil addiction is something all countries can have; well maybe not the supplier countries, they are addicted to the oil money. But the rest of us, the oil importers, we are the consuming countries. Without us, the supplier countries would not have an income.

Kicking the oil habit isn't too hard, once you get past all the hype about oil. The suppliers want you to believe that you can't live without their oil. They want you to believe their oil is responsible for your success and happiness. They will tell you that energy independence is impossible, just wishful thinking. Well, don't believe them.

It is true, however, that you can not have a modern society without energy. But oil is not the only source of energy. Energy, like happiness, is all around us. You wouldn't want to live without happiness, but you don't have to stay in an abusive relationship to be happy. Finding a new source of energy is like finding a new relationship; you have to believe it is possible and then look for it. Alternative sources of energy are abundant and the technology needed to develop alternative energy is available now. You will have to make changes, and that won't be easy, but it will be worth it.

Energy independence means freedom from dependence on oil as a source of transportation fuels; it does not mean freedom from petroleum entirely. Our modern world will continue to use oil to make plastics and other useful chemicals — energy independence and the continued use of oil are not mutually exclusive.

A person who fills their car with gasoline is not an oil addict. The addiction comes into play when the behavior is compulsive—when a person cannot stop themselves, or in the case of gasoline, when they have no other choice.

Freedom from oil addiction begins with knowing your choices—knowing that you don't have to depend on petroleum for fuel. Oil addiction is nothing more than dependence on oil for fuel. Find a replacement for gasoline, as well as the other petroleum fuels, and then you will be free.

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