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About Us is an internet magazine—an independent publisher of articles, commentary, investigative reports, film documentaries, and current news about America's journey to energy independence. first appeared on the internet during the summer of 2003 as a position paper, a single web page, advocating the development of American made synthetic fuels as an effective strategy for limiting the flow of money into the hands of terrorist groups financed by oil-rich foreign countries. In 2004 the website expanded to include all energy categories.

Avoiding partisan politics, has earned a reputation as a trusted source for objective independent journalism. No liberal or conservative bias, just honest coverage of all energy issues, complete with relevant technologies and in-depth discussion of solutions as well as exposé of political barriers that prevent progress.

Today, is the most popular search destination on the internet for information about energy independence.

Terrorism, war in the Middle East, outrageous oil prices crushing the economy — all could have been avoided if 30 years ago, or even 15 years ago, the American people had united behind a sustained aggressive national effort to develop alternatives to foreign oil dependence — specifically, alternative transportation fuels.

The United States and Europe were warned in 1973 with the first oil embargo, and then again in 1980 and yet again in 1991 with the Gulf war. Then on September 11, 2001 the United States was attacked by militant Jihadists which led to the present U.S. actions against al-Qaeda (Takfiri ideology) and global terrorism.

Middle East oil wealth has provided the financial support behind the worldwide expansion of militant Islam. Unfortunately, too many Americans have refused to acknowledge the connection between U.S. oil dependence, Middle East oil wealth and the rise of global Islamic terrorism. For most Americans, this refusal is an expression of political apathy, but for those who are politically active yet remain ideologically in denial, the role of Middle East oil wealth—in creating the terrorist mindset—is well documented.

It was only with the rapid and extreme rise of gasoline prices in the summer of 2008, that politically apathetic Americans began to pay attention.

The price of gasoline is the political roller coaster that determines how much attention Washington D.C. pays to this issue. And, unfortunately, people too easily accept the price of gasoline once it has broken a previously unacceptable barrier, such as $4 per gallon. The next psychological barrier is $5 per gallon ($6 per gallon in California). Will America wait for the next crisis before taking action?

The website offers a unique collection of facts and resources to help inform, educate and motivate Americans to get involved in the most important challenge America has faced since World War II.

Qualified authors are invited to contribute Articles, Papers and Essays.


Ron Bengtson

Ron Bengtson
Website creator, author and editor
San Diego, California


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